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book review of – Demons in my mind


Demons in my mind
Demons in my mind is divided into three parts – the murderer, the rapist and the lover. Reading this book was nothing less then a roller – coaster ride as the drama created in the novel is just commendable. The intensity with which the incidents have been described gave me goosebumps. The narration of the events, the writing style, the grip this book has is really amazing. This is one of the best Indian literature work I read so far.
This novel starts with the story of a old man named Dakshesh who is suffering from cancer and want to meet the three monks whom he supposed possess supernatural powers. When he meets them he ask them to heal his dying body and that’s when he comes to know the truth. The monks tell their story him that how they are just ordinary human beings who has dark pasts of their own. They had committed such crimes which no one could even think of. When they meet a girl named Alia, their life completely changed. They became monks only after their encounter with Alia. This part of the book is worth reading when Alia washes away their sins by her purity. If you are a avid reader then you will enjoy this book a lot.
The cover of the book is captivating and attractive. The narration is really good which can bind a reader. The best thing about the book is the unique plot which is hard to be found these days. I was completely hooked to the book when I started reading it. This book provides readers something good and new content and I suggest this book to every reader who is looking for good content.

Book review of – 37+ Grace Marks



37+ Grace Marks

37+ Grace Marks by Vishal Anand is another teenage romantic fiction. It is a light read and can attract young readers who love reading college romance. Well, this is not practically a romance novel as the female protagonist Nimisha keep rejecting the proposal of Viraj and she is also not an important character of the story. This novel revolves around the college life of Viraj and his friends.

Viraj is just an another engineering student who is not so good in studies. He is just passing time in college when this girl Nimisha enters the story and Viraj falls in love with him. They became good friends but when he expressed his love for her she rejects him, not once but twice. Suddenly she disappears from the story and Viraj gets involved with other things like his projects, friends, and fests. Now to make readers remember Nimisha’s character her name is mentioned here and there. At the end of the story, she met with an accident and Viraj saved her and after some time she asks him to meet her. Picture end, the end. This book has nothing more to offer.

The language was simple but the narration was quite boring in some chapters. It was as if the author was trying to stretch the story. But in some places, the story was rushed. The story could have been written in a better way. The title of the story is well chosen according to the story and the cover having a picture of three guys and a girl reading books also matches the theme of the novel.

This book is a one time read and suitable for those who are looking for a light college life story.

book review of – Those 7 days



Those 7 days

Those seven days is the story of a guy who left his city for a job in a big city and after leaving his job what happens to him in just seven days. These seven days turn his life upside down and the girl whom he hated most, his best friend since childhood, Shailja becomes the most important part of his life. This is a light romance but I liked the concept and the way the story is being portrayed.

Small city mamma’s boy Vishwas leaves his comfy life behind when he gets a job in Delhi. Since the moment he stepped out of his house life started playing with him. Each day he experiences something new, some sweet and more bitter, and even ended up in jail. Will the small city boy be able to cope up with the harsh realities of big city life? What will happen when the person whom he hated most will become his dearest and is on verge of dying? Will he be able to get up and fight? All answers lie within the pages.

The cover is a bit childish with the bold use of colors but cute. It has a picture of a boy standing on the skyscraper in a metro city and the girl on the mountain of a small city. It gives a sneak peek at the story and the whole concept. The title is also very appropriate as the story is about what happens to the protagonist in ‘Those seven days’. The book is a light read and one can finish it in a go without losing interest. Yes, the storyline was predictable and led to the loss of interest sometimes. The language used is simple but the narration is quite good and impressive. If you are looking for a light romance then go buy this book without any second thought.

Book review of – Reminiscences of a seeker


Reminiscences of a seeker
When I started reading this book I was constantly thinking that why the hell am I even reading this book. Starting of the book was really boring but after few pages, I wanted to continue it not because it suddenly became interesting but because I wanted to complete it as soon as possible. The plot was gripping but as it contains content of Aghoris and Tantrics it was kind of boring and creepy in some places. You need to have a really strong heart to read those rituals performed by Aghoris.
 This book will be a perfect catch for those people who are in search of some spirituality and energies. The main character of this book is in search of a teacher who can guide him on the right path of spirituality but he was betrayed everytime he trusted his teacher. His teacher turns out to be a traitor when he was completely devoted to him. First, he falls in the darkness of Tantric Rituals by his first master and after that even worse (according to him) into Aughar Vidya. Both of his masters used him for their own benefits. This book is all about these rituals and practices which he performed to acquire some divine powers but in the end, he was left alone and devastated.
The language of the book is easy and simple. This book has many characters which confused me but they were well described. The title of the book is really catchy and it perfectly describes the content inside the book. The book’s cover is all black with a picture of the moon and it looks quite simple and elegant. It could have been better but this cover is also very good and I like it. I will give this book 2.5 stars out of five.

Book review of – Ek Musafir esa bhi


Book review of – Ek Musafir esa bhi

Ek Musafir esa bhi is a biography of Balasaheb Thackeray by Dr. Reena Sinha ‘Anamika’. This book is all about his works, achievements, life – events and how he devoted all of his life in the formation and Shiv Sena. He was a great politician who formed the Shiv Sena, a Hindu right-wing party in Maharashtra and worked really hard for it. This book describes his whole life as a writer and a politician.

Author has tried to narrate the whole chain of events which has affected and shaped the life of Balasaheb Thakrey.
Balasaheb Thakrey was a man with good potential and power. After several years of the division of India and Pakistan he was worried about the condition of Hindu religion people and for that, he formed the political party, Shiv Sena. He has to face many problems in his journey, he was even held responsible for the riots against Muslim but he never felt disappointed. He continued working harder until they won elections. Even after the death of his wife and his elder son. He continued working for the society.

Author has narrated his whole life in a very beautiful manner. Many people can take inspiration from the life of Balasaheb. Author has done a commendable job while writing this novel. She has written some poems in Hindi too which were really appreciable.

The cover of the book was appropriate. The one thing which I don’t like was the use of a language other than Hindi. I think it was marathi and I don’t know that language so it was really difficult for me to skip those paragraphs.

This book is really good for those Hindi readers who are looking for an inspiring story.

Book review of – The Amigos



The Amigos

The Amigos is a story of friendship, bonding, revolution, love, patriotism. It will definitely remind you the fun you had with your friends in the college. Those small fights which we were part of being portrayed in a very lively manner in this book. This book will transport you to the time of your college days when you shared a strong bond of friendship with your friends.

Rahul, Ritesh, and Rehan are the main characters of the story along with Jackal and Neha. Ritesh being in army got injured during one of his operations and Rehan and Rahul get there as soon as possible to meet their dear friend. Now the story goes behind 6 years when they were in college.
They were enjoying their college life when they come to know about the scam running in the college and soon they found themselves behind bars. Rahul’s father being a rich businessman pay their bail and they were out in no time. To free their college from such practices they make a plan and get succeeded in it. After that story follows and some incidents happen in their life which left them wondering that what they are doing with their life is what they really like?

Amigos is a good contemporary fiction which provides a lot to its readers. It is not that regular tale of college going students so you can’t get bored while reading it. It has twists and turns which were surprising while some of them were predictable.

Least typesetting errors which can be passed. The cover has a picture of three boys riding a bicycle which describes that the story is about three boys and their dreams. It is colors of red and yellow hue which looks good and attractive.
It is a good read for everyone. So start reading and get lost in your memories.

Book review of – Teenage diaries


Teenage diaries

Teenage diaries – The days that were is a teen fiction written in the simplest way as possible. The best part of the book was its plot, simple yet elegant and intriguing. Author has included many poems in the novel both in Hindi and English which were written so beautifully that I got engrossed in them. Throughout the book, I didn’t feel bored for even a second just because the book had kept me hooked till the end.

This is the story of the protagonist Ghanshyam along with other main characters like Vikram, manyTanya, Rishabh, Rahul, Aneya, Sneha, Sandy, Armaan, Pallavi, Aakash among others. This story describes everything which we had experienced at least once in our school life like bunking classes, discovering secret places in our school where no one else goes, falling in love and then break – up, playing FLAMES much more. The main character Ghanshyam falls in love with his classmate Aneya and before even confessing his love for her thing take a turn and he was left broken and alone with his only friend Vikram. He tries to overcome his grief and started studying hard for the board’s exams. He passed it with good marks and when promoted to eleventh class two guys enter the story and in the life of Ghanshyam namely Armaan and Sandy and soon they became best of friends. They enjoyed a lot in the passing year and experienced everything from smoking and drinking to betting in the car race. Everything was going smoothly and again events took a turn.
Will the friends be able to adapt the new change in their lives? Will Ghanshyam get the love of his life? Will the gang get into some trouble or even worse?

This novel is a kind of novel in which everything is explained in detail and you can feel that you are watching a movie. If this novel is turned into a movie it might attract many enthusiastic teenagers. The language was kept simple and it can keep you hooked till the end. The narration was really good throughout the novel. Author has done a commendable job while writing this novel.

Book review of – Sick of being healthy



Sick of being healthy

It is a teen fiction written by Monisha Gumber. Its plot has been wisely chosen by keeping girls in mind. This book is a must read for every girl as it gives so much advice and inspirations in a witty manner. This book talks about the problem every girl faces in her teen years I.e. being chubby and healthy.

The story is about a chubby and bubbly girl Tara Kapoor who doesn’t have that perfect body to lure her dream guy who is a kind of stud and a way too much old for her. As in most stories for that guy tara doesn’t even exist. Her little heart breaks into millions of pieces when that guy starts dating her best friend who is just opposite of her. Her best friend is a perfect figured doll faced chik. After that incident, she tried internet dating but it also turns out to be a real bad experience for her. In the meantime, there is announced that her school would be organizing a function in which they have to wear formals and the special guest if that function would be her ex – crush. She decides to get in shape by dieting and look gorgeous in the function.
Will she get succeeded in her mission to get slim and fit? Will her crush respond to her feelings? Will she be able to love her chubby body?

Different but amazing plot with excellent narration. The small and big pictures in between text make the book more attractive. The title might confuse you but it suits the theme of the book. Language is easy and simple but intriguing which can keep readers hooked up. This book indeed deserves to be on the shelf of every girl. If you are thinking of gifting something to your sister, friend or daughter, I highly recommend this book.

Book review of – The highway man




The highway man

The highway man by J. Alchem is a collection of heart-warming three short stories namely
1- Catherine
2- Sidzy, for a day
3- The highway man
These stories are written in so beautiful way that makes you confuse whether to smile or cry. Nothing is beautiful than a book which can make you smile, cry, blush and even make you envy of the beautiful scenes created in the book.

The story Catherine revolves around a best-selling author Nicholas Sieum who has fallen in love and a physician Dr. Rusenvelt who has always dealt with extraordinary cases and the case of Nicholas Sieum was nothing less than extraordinary. The girl with whom he has fallen in love with was the female protagonist of his novels, Catherine. His father asked Dr. Rusenvelt to cure his son. In order to cure his illness, he ties up with a publisher and the publisher signs a contract with Nicholas for writing a crime thriller novel in some other town. The idea was to keep Nicholas away from memories of Catherine but what happens at the end of the novel will blow your mind. The twist in the end of the story is the main dish.

The second story is about a young couple who are irresistibly and passionately in love with each other and can do anything to make another smile. The story is set on the day dedicated to women’s, international women’s day. To make the day special for his wife, Sidzy he decides to play the role of his wife and doing everything for her to make her smile. He planned small – small surprises for her to show her love for her. He did everything to celebrate Sidzy’s day and enlighten her day by showing the affection and respect he had for her. But his wife was not only the one who get surprises throughout the day.

The third story is about a 7-year-old kid Ayaan, his father Rohan and The highway man. Rohan lost his wife and his parents in a car accident and since that day his son lost his smile. He not even tried to get closer to him because he lost his will to love. One day when they were traveling towards Agra they meet a man on the highway who brings back the joy which was long lost from their lives. When Rohan started believing that Jihan was his savior something happens which was totally the turn of the events.

Review –

The book has the most amazing short story collection I’ve ever read.
Each story was portrayed in a beautiful way to make readers fall in love with the characters. The book has all the elements romance, hope, joy, sadness, sorrow, pain, inspiration, faith, and fiction in just a small book. The perfect narration style and the surprising elements keep the readers hooked up till the end. The cover is also one of the most beautiful and attracting one.

The best part about the author is that he considers his books as his babies and tries to present his writing in a totally unique way.

If you are looking for an amazing book then here this book is for you.

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