Parrot under the pine tree
This is a very ordinary love story portrayed in a very beautiful manner. The interesting start of every chapter gives this story a unique touch. The are events which are practically impossible but the author has portrayed them so beautifully that they steal heart like using clouds as a messenger of love. The poems used to describe the scenes are commendable.
The main protagonist of the novel are Vedanta and Saranga. Vedanta first meets Saranga in the village of kasauni when both of them were on vacations.  They fall in love in very unusual circumstances. Unusual because a saint told Vedanta that he will meet his soulmate on his trip and also tells him about his future after marrying his love. After returning to their respective homes they convinced their parents for their marriage and they get married soon. However, after marriage, things didn’t go well in their relationship and they reach the point where there was no coming back.
Will they be able to solve their issues? Will they be together forever? Or the future depicted by the saint will make them fall apart?
This novel is a good pass time if you are into romance. It also tells us about the kind of mentality many people still has. Even though there is one thing that I don’t like which is accusing men of everything. Men are not always filthy, disobedient, and traitors. We can’t just judge the whole community by the fault of the single person. Not every man tries to find happiness in every other woman. Some remain attached to their love forever.
Divided into 31 chapters the novel is a light read and can be finished in one go. The language was kind of poetic in some places which are not easy to understand but it was beautiful. The cover of the book is what attracted me most. The blue colored cover page has a picture of pine tree which looks really beautiful and pleasing.