Demons in my mind
Demons in my mind is divided into three parts – the murderer, the rapist and the lover. Reading this book was nothing less then a roller – coaster ride as the drama created in the novel is just commendable. The intensity with which the incidents have been described gave me goosebumps. The narration of the events, the writing style, the grip this book has is really amazing. This is one of the best Indian literature work I read so far.
This novel starts with the story of a old man named Dakshesh who is suffering from cancer and want to meet the three monks whom he supposed possess supernatural powers. When he meets them he ask them to heal his dying body and that’s when he comes to know the truth. The monks tell their story him that how they are just ordinary human beings who has dark pasts of their own. They had committed such crimes which no one could even think of. When they meet a girl named Alia, their life completely changed. They became monks only after their encounter with Alia. This part of the book is worth reading when Alia washes away their sins by her purity. If you are a avid reader then you will enjoy this book a lot.
The cover of the book is captivating and attractive. The narration is really good which can bind a reader. The best thing about the book is the unique plot which is hard to be found these days. I was completely hooked to the book when I started reading it. This book provides readers something good and new content and I suggest this book to every reader who is looking for good content.