Reminiscences of a seeker
When I started reading this book I was constantly thinking that why the hell am I even reading this book. Starting of the book was really boring but after few pages, I wanted to continue it not because it suddenly became interesting but because I wanted to complete it as soon as possible. The plot was gripping but as it contains content of Aghoris and Tantrics it was kind of boring and creepy in some places. You need to have a really strong heart to read those rituals performed by Aghoris.
 This book will be a perfect catch for those people who are in search of some spirituality and energies. The main character of this book is in search of a teacher who can guide him on the right path of spirituality but he was betrayed everytime he trusted his teacher. His teacher turns out to be a traitor when he was completely devoted to him. First, he falls in the darkness of Tantric Rituals by his first master and after that even worse (according to him) into Aughar Vidya. Both of his masters used him for their own benefits. This book is all about these rituals and practices which he performed to acquire some divine powers but in the end, he was left alone and devastated.
The language of the book is easy and simple. This book has many characters which confused me but they were well described. The title of the book is really catchy and it perfectly describes the content inside the book. The book’s cover is all black with a picture of the moon and it looks quite simple and elegant. It could have been better but this cover is also very good and I like it. I will give this book 2.5 stars out of five.