Odyssey of a postmaster

When I started reading this book I find it boring. First few pages were not that much interesting but I completed reading this book and now I think it has good plot. Odyssey of a Postmaster tells you stories about the travel lover Sanjoy from east- Bengal. His life has many interesting and adventurous events which made his life a full roller coaster ride. The first incident described was his tumne with his der sister to watch the bioscope. This idea of presenting Sanjoy’s life incidents in the form of a story is really interesting. The plot and the presentation is flawless and binding. The book is written in the third person but to save readers from confusion the dialogues of Sanjoy when he talks to himself are written in italics. Childhood of Sanjoy was spent with full adventure and thrill. He never left any chance to experience something new. This continued till he became young and gets married to a humble girl and he has to get settled in his life. He accepts the job of the postmaster but still this was not the end of the story. There are many tales which are yet to read to completely understand the life of this postmaster. Writing and narration of this book is very good and deep. So the readers which are looking for something meaningful to read must try this book. Cover in white is according to the theme of the book. Plot is good but if you don’t like reading deep meaning books just don’t try it.