Another tale of two cities Another tale of Two Cities by Ezhuth Aani is a historical thriller. The book has a gripping plot and the author has done a lot of research to portray this story. The book narrates the story of the 15th century and historical mysteries lovers will love this book. Instead of having separate chapters the book is divided into 4 parts. This book has all the elements which are required to make a story interesting, action, historical facts, love and romance, patriotism, fights. I am always very fond of historical thrillers and I love reading this genre so when I started this-this book I was completely bound to the tale. Author has done a commendable job by creating the scene of the 15th century through his imagination. History being my one of the favorite subject I was eager to complete this book as soon as possible but back then my history books were not even 10% interesting as this book. The narration of the book is really flawless and the way in which author has portrayed this tale is wonderful. The book has many interesting events and I’m sure any book lover would love to read this book. The cover of this book is in red shades and it is pretty much beautiful. The title is also very catching and all in all this book is a very good catch.