She was lying there on road naked and injured. Those monsters have snatched everything from her- her purity, her pride, her dignity, and even her clothes and then throw her on the road because now she is used tissue paper to them. Every passerby has time to fix their eyes to her body but no one cares to call an ambulance or offer her a shawl.
I was returning from a party and I was not in a mood to stop my car but the crowd caught my attention and I applied brakes. I came out of my car and made my way to the crowd . I was left dumbstruck by the scene.
My love, my Riya was lying there naked, injured and fighting for her life…..

Immediately I removed my shirt and covered her body. My brain has stopped working and I don’t know what to do. I wrapped my arms around her and started crying as I have never imagined her in this condition. But I have to be brave, for my love. So I gathered my courage, took her into my arms and ran towards my car. I carefully make her lie on the backseat of the car and quickly headed towards the hospital. Today, I don’t care about red signal or traffic rules, my love was in danger and I had to reach hospital A.S.A.P.

Within 20 minutes my car was in the parking area of a city hospital. 

I do not wait for a stretcher and started running towards reception carrying Riya in my arms.

Doctors came and put her on a stretcher. They examined her critical condition and immediately shifted her to operation theater. My voice was already jammed and eyes were flooded with tears. I fall down on his feet and utter few words.

Please save my love. Please bring her back to me
He patted my shoulders and rushed towards the operation theater. The red bulb on its door was switched on. I tried to look inside through the glass window.

My whole world was shattered. I went and stood by a window and started thinking of the day when I first saw her…

I never wanted to do engineering. I tried to convince my parents but they were firm on their decision. My dad was an engineer. Maybe that’s was the reason, they want me to be an engineer.
I was placed in a good college and it was about to start in few days…

It was my first day of college. Everything was new.
New college, New classmates, New teachers, New classrooms And yes My New shoes & clothes 

I went down to the notice board and noted down the subjects and the Timetable. Although I hated all of the subjects, but I’ve decided to pursue engineering, So I have to tolerate them 

As  It was the first day So the classes will be started at 1 p.m. After lunch.

Until then I have nothing to do. So I went to the lawn and sat there playing games on my Xperia.
But I can’t play for much time because someone has caught my attention……

She was the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen. Her smile, Her eyes, Her face everything was so adorable that anyone can fall for her. She was wearing a white skirt and red crop top. Her killer smile and charming eyes have already caught the attention of many… Including me 

Lucky day for me.
The first day of college and you spot a hot and gorgeous girl in your college.
That too when you were not interested in your college and now you have found a reason to stay.
What should be better than this ??

She walked in slow and measured steps I look at her and she looks like she’s lost, she look at the map of the college trying to find her class then Our eyes met, and she smiled and walk towards me, my heart beat faster as if it’s trying burst out of my chest.
It was impossible for me to control my excitement.
She was standing in front of me and was asking something.
But, all I can notice was the movement of her pink lips covered by a thin layer of gloss.

So I asked her to repeat her words. 

“Hello I ‘m just looking for my class,” she said

I stare at her with wide eyes
And replied 

“Oh, we are in same class ” Could we go together? 

“yeah sure,” she said

we walk to our class next to each other, everyone stares at us as we pass by because she looks beautiful.

“My name is Riya by the way”
she said
“I’m Rohan,” I said

We had few conversation and then we reached our class as we entered
Everyone eyes stuck at her .. I know the reason .. we seated in different rows .. girls and boys respectively

During our lecture on economics, I was busy watching her pretty face and she too was busy (not in me)writing each and every point explained by the professor. An hour passed like 10 minutes.

We had only one lecture that day, after that, I asked her to hang out at lunch because I don’t really know people here neither did she

We reached our college canteen
& ordered snacks. Everyone was staring at our table, and the reason was ” Riya ” After all she has the prettiest of face..damn beautiful and cute
We ignored them and started talking about our families, friends and old school. That was the starting of our friendship