Her Last Wish tells you the story of Vijay and Astha. Vijay was an under confident person who was burdened with his father’s heavy expectations. He gets married to Astha, positive and charming persona who spreads happiness and optimism in his life. But it does not last long as Astha gets sick with HIV. Further it is about how Vijay cope up with the situations, to sustain their happiness no matter what.
The author fulfilled the expectations from a bestselling author with this book, just fine. The writing style is lucid and the first person narration makes it realistic. The flow of the story is handled well. Each character is framed beautifully. The book gives a different meaning to the relation of husband and wife. What I loved best is how his father came to his support when needed. The book also explains how an HIV patient is treated in the society, their hardships and struggles; its an eye opener for the readers.There are a few editing or typo errors and the plot was predictable.
My rating: 4.5/5