It’s not right but it’s okay
Third book and the last book by the Author, Anuj Tiwari. He has written about his life experiences in all three books.
People are most concerned about relationships rather anything in this world to count in. One among the relationship, which has the power to spread its wings is absolutely loved. And Anuj Tiwari has carved his words with accuracy on blending the meaning of Friendship and True Love. His words, nearly as poetic lines, gives a lot of meaning inherited by his simple language. A single decision can change your style of living and revolutionize the blow of your breath, one is this, this book. In love with the words of the author. His spectacle of love brings the life down to the black printed words. So, get one and feel the love.
The storyline is truly awesome and intriguing.Every character is one of a kind But I liked Arjun’s character the most. He is the most trustworthy and loyal friend. Lucky are those who have a friend like him and I’m lucky as I have Sumit as my best friend in my life.
The bond between Arjun and Anushka is beautiful. Anushka is the best sister. The way she cherishes and pampers her sister Angira is applaudable. Coming to Ved and Angira, they make a lovely couple. The trust and loyalty they share is the best thing in their relationship. They are an epitome of true love. While reading this novel one goes through a roller coaster ride of emotions. There is love, romance, friendship, trust, loyalty and a lot more. It teaches us the value of relationships, family, friends and true love. It’s an incredible work by Anuj Tiwari. It’s our bad luck that author will not write more books.