Few things left unsaid
It’s a very good and interesting novel. I loved it. It’s hard to believe that such love stories do take place in this world. Aditya and Riya fell in love at first sight. They face many problems in their relationship but finally end up being happy together. A sweet and simple love – story? No, it was neither all sweet nor so simple as you’ve guessed.
The plot revolves around Aditya, a guy forced to do engineering by his parents. He finds the love of his life in college, proposes her, she loves him too. What a sweet story started when they get committed. They even unofficially marry. They tell Aaditya’s mom about it. His mom’ character is very friendly and open but his dad was really kept out of focus. Meanwhile, Aaditya slowly starts concentrating more on studies and decides to break-up without any reason, but they later reconcile. But the trust had been broken. Riya, his girlfriend leaves him. And what is really painful is that she goes with Amit. Amit is a guy with cheap intentions. Aditya’s heart broken. During this period Aadi’s academic performance also gets affected. He gets a drop. During this period something mysterious happens (for which you have to read the book) and his life changes…. He gets his Riya back.
This story is continued in the best part.