Accidentally in love
“The thing with love is the more you try to push it out, the more it follows you” an exerpt from the book.
The story of Accidentally In Love revolves around Chhavi Mukherjee. She is a model, who has managed to navigate through dark waters of the industry and secure a place for herself as a reputed model. Just when she feels that nothing could go wrong with her life, fate decides to throw a few surprises in her path. Apart from the cut-throat competition which she has to encounter on a daily basis, she comes across Tushar, a successful photographer, who sweeps her off her feet. What ensues is an erotic relationship where sparks fly. But Chhavi doesn’t believe in love it commitment and they share a open relationship. What follows after is the story.
You can give it a try. It is a good book to read while sipping a mug of coffee.
It will make you laugh and remember those sweet moments spent with your love.
Cover – illustrations by – Jasyot Singh Hans
The main thing I liked about the cover are those small small girly things printed on front. Cover itself is eye – catching enough to make you read it.
I’ll give this book 4 stars.