You were my crush till you said you love me
This was the first novel I ever read. My friend gifted me and after reading it I developed reading habit. I started reading books. So yes this is a good book to read.
The story is about a rich guy, Benoy Roy falling in love with a beautiful girl, Shaina who is his best friend Diya’s sister. There is no love triangle between the sisters. The friendship between Benoy and Diya was nicely portrayed but the love between Benoy and Shaina felt a bit unreal for me. I liked Diya’s character and wanted to know more about her. The way Benoy was there for Diya was heartwarming and it shows how your life can change in a matter of few seconds. Shaina was shown as a very shy person but the ending love scene in the book tells us something else. I felt that the scene was totally unnecessary as Shaina knew that everything was going to be fine.
Overall the book was good you can give it a try.