I don’t know if I could find a book as awesome as the TWILIGHT. After reading this book, I want to go Forks and search for Edward. I’m totally in love with this hot vampire. When the rain is pouring down from the sky and the sky turns gray, grab your copy of TWILIGHT and read it along with a mug of coffee and a comfy blanket. See the magic! You will find yourself in the romantic world of vampires and werewolves and would not want to be returned. Twilight is a book that attracts a lot of readers because it isn’t a simple love story but it’s love between a human and a vampire. Main characters of the book are Bella and Edward where Edward is a vampire and Bella a human. It a supernatural romance fiction book. This is the striking feature of the book. Love, in this case, isn’t easy.635731905580389681-135327576_twilight_wallpaper___book_one_v3_by_theladyavatar-d531bua-imgopt1000x70
Bella Swan and Edward Cullen falls in love with each other but for different reasons. Edward feels an intense desire for Bella(her blood) and Bella didn’t exactly know what she liked or wanted of Edward but she finds Edward mysterious. Edward tries to ignore Bella but he was already fallen for her. They both catch up with each other in the biology classes and then slowly a sort of bonding develops. This is truly indescribable. She wants to know a lot about him but Edward tries to push his feelings away. As time goes, Edward’s secrets are revealed one by one and Bella became more and more interested in him. When they confess their love for each other the book takes a beautiful romantic turn. This book is full of twists and turns in the best possible amazing way. The concept of vampires, their thirst for blood is really an amazing plot to read about. The story seems to take an interesting turn when Jacob Black enters who was Bella’s childhood friend. He belongs to a clan who are typically capable of turning into wolves. So he meets Bella and tells her about him and that they are against the vampires and their blood drinking habits. The first part of the book is really mesmerizing and the reader
The first part of the book is really mesmerizing and the reader wouldn’t want to close the book until the end. The last and the final part of the book is also amazing. James enters the show which engrossed the reader thoroughly until the end. Overall it is an awesome book and just saying that I loved reading it will be an understatement. I lived this book, I admired writing style of its author and I fall in in love with Edward. There are three more books in this series.
I’m sure after reading this book you’ll definitely want to watch the movie.